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Sweet and spicy mango sauce bottles

Sweet & Spicy Mango Sauce

 Our best selling sauce! Together with a unique blend of spices and traditional cooking techniques, makes this mouth watering sauce so irresistible. The sweetness of the mango is  perfectly balanced with the heat of the spices, which fuse together to form the perfect combination to satisfy the senses! 

naj foods hot chilli sauce bottles

Hot Chilli Sauce

 A new addition to the family and by far the best tasting chilli sauce to hit market! After years of attempting to produce the perfect hot sauce, we have finally cracked it! The problem with developing a hot sauce is that it is quite difficult to balance the spice blends in order to preserve the flavour. Not only have we finally managed to produce a sauce with a potent kick, but one that tastes absolutely gorgeous!  

naj foods sweet chilli garlic bottles

Sweet Chilli Garlic Sauce

A traditionally made sweet chilli sauce, with a beautifully balanced blend of spices and garlic flavouring. We've added our own twist on a classic sauce to produce something truly exceptional. 

3 Naj tamarind bottles

Sweet & Spicy Tamarind Sauce

 Made from the finest tamarind fruits and manufactured in the traditional style, this mouth watering sauce really gives you the full flavour of the east. Great on a variety of different foods, our Sweet and Spicy Tamarind Sauce is a must have. 

Where It Started

Najma Khan. Ketchup Queen news article extract with najma holding naj sweet & spicy mango sauce

 Naj foods is a family run company, based in Manchester and established in 2005 by Antony Khan, the entrepreneurial husband of Najma Khan. Believe it or not, the first product, sweet and spicy tamarind ketchup, started off from a joke around the dining table, when the 40 year old mother of four introduced the tamarind condiment to her family for the first time. 'This is great mum!.. you should sell it!..' Said one of her children, having never tasted anything like it. The family laughed.. 6 months later, Naj foods was formed and the first product had already been developed.

James Khan. The entrepreneurial son of Tony and Najma Khan.

The recipe had been passed down to Najma from her mother in Pakistan, and was cooked in the traditional manner in which she had learnt. After months of experimenting on a lager scale, the sweet and spicy tamarind formula had been perfected and was ready for launch. Her eldest son, Ali Khan who at the time was only 15, designed the entire label which still exists on the product today. Almost 15 years later, he is now in charge of design and marketing for Naj Foods. He even built this website ;) .

Tony Khan. As featured in Channel 4's documentary sumggled, sat with his sauce range on the table.


Within the first year of launch, Naj foods had gained an enormous amount of interest, at first selling locally around Manchester, then to the whole of the north west. 

Their second product, sweet and spicy mango ketchup, was soon developed and propelled them even further, capturing the attention of supermarkets such as Asda and Tesco.   

Naj foods now has products all over the country, and is established in around 100 Asda stores across the UK, with many buyers popping up overseas.   

The future for Naj Foods looks bright and with a strong family background, they look set to achieve even higher goals ahead of them. 

Our Mission

'Flavour is an expression of art'

We take flavour seriously. A good condiment can make great tasting food even tastier! This is why we spend hours and hours on research, trialing many different recipes and flavours with all kinds of foods to develop the most perfect, mouthwatering condiments on the market! 

'The devil is in the detail'

Our success comes from the close attention we pay to detail. From the gold leaf label to the milligram of spice, we do our best to bring a consistently good and luxurious feeling product to market. We feel we really are in our own league as far as quality and taste go. 

'Future Plans'

We are constantly expanding and developing new recipes and flavours all the time. Our ultimate goal is to really bring the flavour of Asian cuisine into everyday British life. We already supply top supermarket chains such as ASDA and are set to further supply other large supermarkets in the near future. 


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